Friday, September 4, 2009


codes : 

sir-our teacher



giggly-classmate(my buddy)

smiley-classmate(another buddy)

me- ofcourse me! 

1st situation. i just heard them talking.

sir:dont you really want to join?

charmy:im not sure about that?why not ask giggly?

sir: giggly?the "looks" is very important.

charmy:why? she's is pretty..

----then i didn't heard the rest, i need to leave----

me:brainy? what are they talking about?

brainy:uhmm .i think it's a bout the modeling.

me:modeling what ? for what?

brainy: --didn't say anything--


2nd situation

(it's just me,giggly and smiley inside the room)

sir:giggly,do you want to accept an invite for modeling? a recruiter needs it,you'll be with charmy.

giggly:really?i dont know yet.

smiley:wow thats great.

me:me sir! want to join

--sir didn't say anything and just left --


awwww it really hurts . it's very very humiliating . i really got hurt

i am really hoping to be discovered on whatever way possible.

but it seems like people around are degrading me.

they do not like me? why?! they do not trust my abilities .



Wednesday, August 19, 2009


it shouldn't probably end. but ill be missing him so much. i almost forgot. he's already going to college now. which means, enough for the high school mingling with him. maybe enough for the childish sweet romances.  enough for the "almost-everyday" time together. is it over? it shouldn't be over.

I fear the mere fact that he will be somehow away from me. somehow miles away though were not. it really hurts. it rips my heart into two, realizing that he'll be sooner away from me, that he'll leave me in my misery. he's the greatest joy in my life. ill be in the state of agony .. if he'll be gone for a long time. if i wont see him recently just like i used to.. it was never easy for us to be apart. it was.. NEVER that easy. 

In life everything changes. we shouldn't be stubborn. I KNOW. i know it's the natural process of a  literate man to go to college.. to prepare for his future .. to chose his own path and his own career. i shouldn't be selfish, wanting him not to go and keep the usual way we have been. i must accept it : HE's going to college a year from now. and i still have to finish this two years of high school life. i SHOULD and i should do my best.ill sooner go to college too. but probably not with him.. maybe away from him  .  away  .  but 


Sunday, August 16, 2009


well. just .. i just want to share some of my creepy little secrets , i keep in mine. maybe these is because of the article i made "freshly-baked"from the printer a while ago :)  

it is all about the seven new deadly sins which i just discovered.. maybe a few weeks ago.but was announced more than a year ago.. which slightly disappoint me.why? because a major announcement was made,without letting everybody knew about it. especially because this is excessively important. mostly of the inhabitants of the planet earth are catholics.and catholics are the one whose concerned about these.But not saying only us catholics. since these revisions are totally social and environment sins that affects each and everyone of us not only catholics , as i mentioned. 

well.. im not a perfect person.. nobody either. let's skip that matter :))

its quite boring..but i halfway like being here..

being a a computer shop personnel for the weekends..well it's Sunday,my last day of work,,ill be going home sooner.ill probably miss being here..ill miss the little toughies here.and the constant presence at the front of the computer without a mother yelling for me to shutdown it.haha >:D]

TOMORROW is ANOTHER day at school.. i hope it would be fun.. but im trembling right now.. because ots two days more.. :( two days..argghh... its secret .. haha!

by the way i done designing or jersey log for the school foundation day of VEL MARIS SCHOOL inc. 2009-2010

~adios amigos

Saturday, August 8, 2009

why do people get jelous

someone encountered this situation..

“SO THIS STARTED JUST A MINUTE AGO.. i was browsing my boyfriends facebook and found out that he uploaded some pictures from their group practice of.. uhmm i dunnow.. so i saw two consecutive solo shots of a certain girl. i told him about that. and he explained that it was nothing. just a photo taken by his classmate. I believe that there was nothing,but isnpite of that i still get jealous. i also told him that, he said that it was fine, because its a part of my love for him.”

so i researched...

For me...

"Not to get to anthropological here but I think it all comes from preservation instinct. You protect and preserve what is yours. You don't want anyone taking something away from you. You might also covet what you don't have.
We must not forget the issues of selfishness and insecurity in there too"

When you first connected with your partner and looked into their eyes, it felt like he or she was the only person in the room. As you get deeper into your relationship and call yourselves a couple, the realization hits you: You and your partner are not alone on this planet. There are others! Are they a threat?
When we are in a committed relationship, we assume the connection we have with each other will be strong enough to fend off outside threats. In some ways, this you-belong-to-me-and-I-belong-to-you mentality is sweet; it's the stuff of pop songs and poetry. But sometimes the intensity of that connection is too strong.
When one partner sees everyone whom his or her partner comes into contact with as a potential threat, it is
“a sign that jealousy has taken hold”
a sign that jealousy has taken hold. Shakespeare called it "the green-eyed monster," and once it gets a hold of your relationship, it sinks its teeth in and can rip it apart.

What causes jealousy?
If you've got strong feelings of jealousy, it's probably a sign that you don't have enough trust in your partner that he or she is being faithful to you. That lack of trust may be prompted by one of four factors.
  • You may feel insecure about your self-worth. In these cases, either you've been raised to believe, or some part of your inner self feels, that you just don't measure up. Because you don't love yourself, you can't believe that others would love you, so you live in fear that your partner's "true" feelings will be revealed and she will leave.
  • You're prone to cheating on your partner -- maybe even have done so. Knowing what you're capable of, you project that behavior onto your partner.
  • You and your partner haven't yet figured out how to
    “establish safe boundaries within the relationship”
    establish safe boundaries within the relationship. Having a tight bond is about building walls around your love with windows that allow others to be part of it -- not doors where competing lovers can walk right in and disrupt your home. Because you don't know what's permissible within the relationship and what's not, you're constantly on your toes.
  • Your mate is cheating on you. Cheating doesn't have to include sex; it often has to do with making emotional connections to others outside the relationship. If your partner is sharing things about your private life with attractive members of the opposite sex, it robs a sense of intimacy from your relationship and leaves you feeling vulnerable.
Knowing the factors that lead to jealousy is an important first step to getting things fixed.
“Put your focus on building trust”
Put your focus on building trust. If you've got some growing up to do, therapy may help. Both of you have to learn how to set boundaries in the relationship. That requires respecting your mate's definition of limits of outside relationships from the start.
Over time, as trust builds, you and your partner can redefine what feels safe for the relationship. After all, when you've got a great relationship, you want to share it with the world.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


while i was browsing on my friends friendster profile.suddenly "anu yun? ganda ng tugtog!" i've heard a very cute and charming music. i scrolled down to see what's that new-to-my-ears sound and found out its a song called "the show" by lenka. it was so calming and the lyrics we're totally awesome! i become so interested , that i open a new tab and searched lenka's videos in youtube the next thingi could remember is myself over-amazed and attached to her music, the way her songs are written are so artistic and fancy . she a-bit sound like a fine frenzy and also like skye sweetnam.i browsed and browesd for her songs,within minutes i've already downloaded some of her songs (which are the following:dangerous and sweet,dont let me fall & we will not grow old )and zzooooom i immidietely transfered those musicz in my phone. and i repeatedly play them everytime. even while having a shower ^^v

here are some of lenka's info's

Those looking to satisfy their sweet-toothed craving for pop music should sink their teeth into this debut, which introduces Lenka as one of the genre's strongest newcomers in 2008. Horns, cellos, violas, keyboards, and vibraphones share equal space here, creating a sound that's at once lushly elegant and bubbly commercial. Having already cut her teeth with the Decoder Ring, Lenka now asserts herself as a competent vocalist and songwriter, penning three of the album's tracks while co-writing the remaining eight. "The Show," "Bring Me Down," and "Trouble Is a Friend" all brim with the cleverly crafted hooks of a Max Martin composition, and Lenka's fondness for internal rhyme helps tighten her phrases into concentrated balls of pop melody. The results are pure radio gold, perhaps alarmingly so, but Lenka's voice helps bring a sense of playfulness to what might otherwise be an exercise in all too perfect pop music. Singing in her endearing Australian accent, she shifts between the breathy sighs of "Don't Let Me Fall" and the measured, innocent confidence of "Like a Song." Quiet piano chords and a sparse trumpet riff provide the instrumental backing for the latter tune, and "Like a Song" shows that Lenka still shines when the thick instrumental padding is stripped away, making this candy-coated debut that much sweeter.

ganda talga ng lyrics ng dont let me fall here is it guys:


Underneath the moon
Underneath the stars
Here's a little heart
For you
Up above the world
Up above it all
Here's a hand to hold on to

But if i should break
If i should fall away
What am i to do
I need someone to take
A little of the weight
Or I'll fall through

You're just the one that I've been waiting for
I'll give you all that I have to give and more
But don't let me fall

Take a little time
Walk a little line
Got the balance right aha
Give a little love
Gimme just enough
So that i can hang on tight

We will be alright
I'll be by your side
I won't let you down
But i gotta know
No matter how things go
That you will be around

You're just the one that i've been waiting for
I'll give you all that i have to give and more
But don't let me fall
Don't let me fall

Underneath the moon
Underneath the stars
Here's a little heart
For you
Up above the world
Up above it all
Here's a hand to hold on to

You're just the one that I've been waiting for
I'll give you all that I have to give and more
But don't let me fall

You'll be the one that I'll love forever more
I'll be here holding you high above it all
But don't let me fall

"kaka-elibs dibah?"

Friday, July 17, 2009


tried to be an angel but i just cant find my wings

this blog has just started off.but i started blogging for i think one and a half year ago?
so if you would want to see my previous blogs.. check that OUT

i have been blogging to that blog since i was a highschool freshman i think?
kasooh..maddaallaang lng talgah ko mgpost nuun
hehe by the way here's a shot of my previous blog im mentioning

hmm.haha ba't anlaboh yata? NVM ;p

adios amigos!


POSTPONED rover vigil

oh! so the blame is on the weather , the f****** weather. oops sorry! =) haha . well im really frustrated abou it. rover vigil? postponed .. OH GROSS that would affect almost every activity in our school,since we're the school student authorities we need to make certain adjustments . how i wish it wasn't postponed . *baby-cry* by the way. do you know rover scouting?


Rover Scouting is a service division of Scouting for young men, and in some countries, women. A group of Rovers, analogous to a Boy Scout troop, is called a 'Crew.'

The section was started in 1918, following the successful growth of the Scout Movement, and was intended to provide a Scouting programme for young men who had grown up beyond the age range of the core Scout section. It was quickly adopted by the national Scouting organisations around the world.

Since Rover Scouting began, it has undergone many changes. Some national Scouting organisations no longer include a Rovering programme, but have replaced it with other programmes. In many of these countries, there are alternative Scouting organisations who maintain the original programme. Despite the differences in programmes, all organisations continue to provide a programme for young men, and sometimes women, into their early 20s.


adios amigos.


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