Sunday, August 16, 2009


well. just .. i just want to share some of my creepy little secrets , i keep in mine. maybe these is because of the article i made "freshly-baked"from the printer a while ago :)  

it is all about the seven new deadly sins which i just discovered.. maybe a few weeks ago.but was announced more than a year ago.. which slightly disappoint me.why? because a major announcement was made,without letting everybody knew about it. especially because this is excessively important. mostly of the inhabitants of the planet earth are catholics.and catholics are the one whose concerned about these.But not saying only us catholics. since these revisions are totally social and environment sins that affects each and everyone of us not only catholics , as i mentioned. 

well.. im not a perfect person.. nobody either. let's skip that matter :))

its quite boring..but i halfway like being here..

being a a computer shop personnel for the weekends..well it's Sunday,my last day of work,,ill be going home sooner.ill probably miss being here..ill miss the little toughies here.and the constant presence at the front of the computer without a mother yelling for me to shutdown it.haha >:D]

TOMORROW is ANOTHER day at school.. i hope it would be fun.. but im trembling right now.. because ots two days more.. :( two days..argghh... its secret .. haha!

by the way i done designing or jersey log for the school foundation day of VEL MARIS SCHOOL inc. 2009-2010

~adios amigos


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