Friday, July 17, 2009

POSTPONED rover vigil

oh! so the blame is on the weather , the f****** weather. oops sorry! =) haha . well im really frustrated abou it. rover vigil? postponed .. OH GROSS that would affect almost every activity in our school,since we're the school student authorities we need to make certain adjustments . how i wish it wasn't postponed . *baby-cry* by the way. do you know rover scouting?


Rover Scouting is a service division of Scouting for young men, and in some countries, women. A group of Rovers, analogous to a Boy Scout troop, is called a 'Crew.'

The section was started in 1918, following the successful growth of the Scout Movement, and was intended to provide a Scouting programme for young men who had grown up beyond the age range of the core Scout section. It was quickly adopted by the national Scouting organisations around the world.

Since Rover Scouting began, it has undergone many changes. Some national Scouting organisations no longer include a Rovering programme, but have replaced it with other programmes. In many of these countries, there are alternative Scouting organisations who maintain the original programme. Despite the differences in programmes, all organisations continue to provide a programme for young men, and sometimes women, into their early 20s.


adios amigos.


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