Wednesday, July 15, 2009

HUMAN being

this day is an another difficult day. as our substitute values teacher said , "life is rough and tough" which i strongly agree to. today i've encountered , inferred and analyzed various human behaviors.they act in different ways. contrasting to each other. most of them really annoyed me, but some made me curious about [ specifically our values substitute professor i've already mentioned] . Therefore, in the end of this day i would believe,.. as my speculations showed,that human behavior is like a thumb mark , WITHOUT ABSOLUTE SIMILARITIES to others. and i also thought that there isreally NO rule in this world we live in. there's no such rule until human started to develop that critical way of thinking that other creatures are excluded from. every belief we have is purely from HUMANS. humans . humans. :)

what happended today?
>normal classes.ofcourse
-but hectic english reviews..*ugghh
>encounter w/ annoying people
>feelings of rejection :{

*disagree? why not! and by the way you have the right to comment .. thanks, but i do not love to argue :) im a peace person

-kimee :)

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